Special auto transport Certification centre "SAMT-Fund"
produces the following certification services:

• Special and specialized vehicle certification (cars, lorries, semitrailers, trailers, special equipment, buses, vans, bodies, equipment, etc.); Vehicle type approval and (or) Certificate of conformity registration;

• Vehicle and equipment certification (self-propelled and propelled machinery, tractors, tractor trailers, loaders, dredges, rollers, asphalt-spreading machines, road harrows, etc.), spare parts and accessories; Certificate of conformity registration;

• Certification of spare parts. Certificate of conformity registration;

• Quality management system certification in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008, GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2000). Certificate of conformity registration;

• Certification of Vehicle for perishable cargo transportation;

• Follow-up (repeated) certification (re-equipment) of vehicles;

• Certifications of services on motor transport (motor transport maintenance service, car and other vehicle repair);

• Ecological certification. Euro 3, 4;

• Registration refusal letters;

• Tests of cargo, special and specialized vehicles, road-building machines and equipment.


«SAMT-FUND» structure:

•    Certification body of special and specialized vehicles;

•    Certification body of machines, equipments and spare parts (self-propelled and propelled machinery, tractors, tractor trailers, loaders, dredges, rollers, asphalt-spreading machines, road harrows, etc.);

•   Certification body of maintenance and repair services (on motor transport);

•    Test laboratory of mechanization means and transport in construction;

•    Quality management system certification body. Certification in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008, GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2000);

•    Department of secondhand vehicle evaluation (authorized organization of Russian state auto inspection department);  

• Ecological certification department;

• Information technologies department. 


Our customers - the largest Russian and CIS heavy machinery plants: KamAZ, GAZ, URAL, ZIL, MAZ, KrAZ and other manufacturers of semitrailers, trailers, special equipment, buses, vans, building, railway and other equipment.

Our foreign partners are Volvo, Scania, Renault, Putzmeister, Caterpillar and other manufacturers from Europe, Asia and America.

Our constant partners are more than six hundred machinery manufacturers, more than thousand industrial and trading firms, car centers, etc.  

We’re proposing cooperation to manufacturers, importers and consumers of motor transport, machinery, the equipment, mechanisms, etc.

Nonprofit Organization "Fund of certification development for special vehicle, mechanization means and technologies to perform construction works" (SAMT-Fund) was created in 1993.

Organization is created for the citizen and state interests protection, environment preservation and maintenance of the transporting process safety, mechanized and other building works, buildings construction and engineering construction systems reliability and durability, production competitiveness advancement by introduction and development of methods of certified vehicle technical condition certificational check, certification and examination of its designs, integration of the national estimation of safety and production quality standards and its components with similar international systems.


SAMT-Fund includes a number of Certification bodies, accredited on certification services in GOST R system:

• Certification of special and specialized vehicles (certification of cars, lorries, semitrailers, trailers, special equipment, buses, vans, bodies, equipment, etc.);

• Certification of machines (self-propelled and propelled vehicles, tractors, tractor trailers, loaders, dredges, rollers, asphalt-spreading machines, road harrows, etc.), spare parts and accessories;

• Certification of services on motor transport (maintenance and repair service);

• Certified tests of cars, semitrailers, trailers, special equipment, etc.;

• Certification of quality management system in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008);

• Certification of building materials;

• Follow-up (repeated) certification (re-equipment).

  On any questions you can address directly to division heads or sending your question by using form on our site

 Miron I. Griff





Director of Certified centre "SAMT-Fund" - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, agrarian and industrial complex academician, Russia honoured transport worker, state awards winner

Miron I. Griff


tel. (495) 916-28-58. tel./fax (495) 917-21-60
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SAMT-Fund - the oldest Certification centre, the leader in certification of cargo motor transport, special and the specialised vehicles, cars, semitrailers, trailers, equipment installations on their base, repairs, maintenance services, re-equipment, building machinery and production certification activity in the field of accreditation.

More than hundred plants have SAMT-Fund Quality management system certificate in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008).


SAMT-Fund renders services in certification of the conformity acknowledgement of the following production:

cargo vehicles

cars-vans and specialized tankers


container truck

bus chassis



special cars

single-bucket dredges with bucket capacity from 0,25 till 2,5 m3 and multi-bucket dredges on the wheeled chassis

vehicles for building materials transportation on wheeled chassis

car for the airfield road building and maintenance on wheeled chassis

snowplows on wheeled chassis

equipment for the building compound preparation on wheeled chassis

drilling-crane car on wheeled chassis

drilling equipment

pile-driving equipment

stamp work's equipment on wheeled chassis



fastening tools

assembly and special civil work equipment on wheeled chassis

hoist-and-transport building equipment on wheeled chassis

technological equipment for timber harvesting operations, log storages and timber rafting and spare parts on wheeled chassis

city municipal service cars on wheeled chassis

firefight machinery on wheeled chassis

equipment for the dry-cleaning and dyeing of clothes and consumer products and spare parts

transport equipment on wheeled chassis

milk tankers

mobile compressors on wheeled chassis

drill installations for geophysical structure drilling and self-propelled firm minerals drilling installations on wheeled chassis

machines and self-propelled drilling rigs for hydro-geological engineering-geological drilling for superficial excitation of seismic fluctuations on wheeled chassis

mobile repairers on wheeled chassis

equipment for the preparational works at oil wells drilling sites on wheeled chassis

ground equipment for borehole development and repairs on wheeled chassis

equipment for repair services and transportation of the oil-field operational equipment on the wheeled chassis

equipment for cementation, hydro-rupture, hydrosendjet perforation, washing and acid processing of well bottom zone wheeled chassis

equipment for active influence on oil layers on wheeled chassis

equipment for thermal processing and borehole deparrafination on wheeled chassis

ground equipment for conducting borehole works with wire, rope, cable or pipes at sealed mouth on wheeled chassis

cabotage lifts on wheeled chassis




motor scooters


motor rollers



trailers for trucks and cars

tractor trailers and semi trailers

tanks on trailers and semitrailers


trailers with specialised bodies and special

automobile semitrailers

auto-loaders; hardware of an industrial purpose

fixing tools for machine-building application

chemical and oil products

industrial pipeline armature

general mechanical engineering products

rolling bearings

tractors and agricultural vehicles; equipment

spare parts for mechanical vehicles and trailers,

automobile engines with compression ignition

oil, fuel and air filters and their elements, including filter elements in lubricant systems and volume hydrodrives

lubrication system pumps

fuel injection systems, including electronic systems and their elements, established for engines with spark ignition

carburettors with various accesories, established on engines with spark ignition

devices for reduction of harmful substances emissions in atmosphere

high pressure fuel pumps and components

atomizers and atomizer sprays

injection timing devices

fuel tanks

filler necks and fuel tank plug

heat exchangers


cooling and heating systems sleeves

liquid cooling systems pumps

starting heaters

turbo-supercharger cooling systems

waste gases neutralisation systems, including neutralizers, established on cars with petrol engines

waste gases neutralisation systems, including neutralizers, established on cars and buses with diesel engines

waste gases release and neutralisation system, including mufflers, parts of cylinder-piston groups and gas-distributing mechanism

integrated and semiintegrated steering mechanisms

hydraulic steering amplifiers

power cylinders

steering hydraulic amplifier distributors

steering hydraulic pumps

sheet springs

sheets of springs

suspension bracket springs

suspension brackets torsions

pneumatic elastic elements

suspension bracket and steering drive elements

ball and socket joints

shock absorbers

suspension of the mackfersone bracket racks


assembled pressure plates

assembled driving disks

adhesion releasing cluchs


driving axel, including semiaxes and bearings

wheel and hub rolling bearings for automobile, lorries, buses, minibuses, motorcycles and motor scooters

driveline – shafts, hinges, crosses, hinge drive shafts

pulling - hitch mechanism

security devices, including vehicle protection devices

drivewheel hydraulic amplifier and platform dumper sleeves

dump-truck dumping gear

telescopic hydraulic cylinders with unilateral action

hydraulic distributors with manual and remote control

hydraulic screw-jacks

cabin coverturning mechanisms

hydrocylinders and pumps of the cabin coverturning, hydraulic mechanisms

wheels and components

wheel fastening elements



exterrior units and details- bumpers



decorative details

mass consumption products - fixture

sealing details - cuffs



protective details - caps


brake system diaphragms


bumpers with the maximum size of 200х100 mm - engine suspension pads

cabin supports

radiator and other components and units supports

buffer supports

props supports

rubber-metal hinge plugs supports

muffler suspension bracket supports

rubber-cord elastic elements of suspension brackets

composite materials details

brake system units and components

pneumatic drive pipelines and hoses

pneumatic drive pipelines with polyamide pipes application

autotractor compressors

air preparation units

protective equipment of a pneumodrive

condensate plum valves

operating units

brake valves

accelerating valves

trailer brakes control valves

air destributors


braking correction units - brake forces regulators

pressure limitation valves of forward axis

connecting heads

alarm system and control devices - pneumoelectric sensors

test pin valves

connection units of pipelines and hydrodrive hoses – adapters, connecting pipes,tees, captive nuts, control-alarm devices, differential switches of line pilot lamp

liquid level sensors

hydrodrive pressure regulators

main brake сylinders

hydrovacuum amplifiers

lay brake system components

pneumatic brake chambers

pneumatic brake chambers with spring accumulator

supporting and guiding components of the disk brake cramp

components of homing devices – brake block release mechanism

adjusting devices of brake mechanisms

wheel disk cylinders and drum-type brakes

cover plate

brake stocks with overlays for drum-type and disk brakes

brake disks and drums

screen wipers and spare parts




ignition system units for engines with spark ignition - distributors

sensors - distributors


ignition coils and high-voltage transformers

spark plugs

electronic switchboards



spare parts to distributors and sensor-distributors

incandescent lamps and electrotorch devices for diesel engines

generators and rectifier blocks


relay of starters and drives of starters

electric motors of fan drives, gasoline pumps, glasswashings, window raisers, heaters, mirror control, door blocking

wiring harnesses

high-voltage wires

speedometers, sensors and devices with speedometers


sound alarm devices

emergency conditions indicator and sensors

gas equipment, units and components

prestarting heaters

independent air heaters

voltage regulators

external light devices - headlights

alarm and lighting lanterns


external light devices spare parts - optical elements of headlights

incandescent lamps


headlight cleaners and motors-reducers of headlight cleaners

switching protective and adjusting equipment of electro supply chain of starting devices, ignition devices, external light and sound devices, windscreen wipers, fuel supplying systems, glass washing

starter batteries


safety arches

door locks

rear-view mirrors


seat headrests

rear accident protection devices

external handles

door hinges

external buttons of opening doors and luggage carriers

warning triangles - signs on an emergency stop

motorcycle, motor scooters and mopeds engines with spark ignition

cylinder-piston group details of motorcycle engines

gasoline pipe line cocks for motorcycles

motorcycle wheels

wheel guards and wind guards

motorcycle type handle bars

motorcycle protective arches

automobile conditioners, units and components

garage equipment for vehicles and trailers

equipment for cleaning works

mechanisms for hoist-and-transport works

lubrication and refuelling equipment

diagnostic devices

repair equipment and tool

tire fitting and tire recapping equipment

mechanical vehicles and trailers, units and components

several kinds of chemical and oil products


protective helmets for motorcycles and mopeds drivers and passengers

safe-technology glasses and double-glazed windows for ground transport

sanitary equipment

garage equipment; building machinery

maintenance service and repair of the motor transport

Special and specialized vehicle certification is based mostly on "Rules on work in system of certification of mechanical vehicles and trailers"(with Ammendment № 1). Other sections of accreditation area will be certificated according to GOST R document.



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