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Аттестат ОС ДСАТ САМТ-Фонд 

Motor transport objects certification body is accredited on base Nonprofit Organization “Fund of certification development for special vehicle, mechanization means and technologies to perform construction works” (“SAMT-Fund”) from July 2002 in System of voluntary certification on motor transport. Certificate of accreditation № ДСАТ RU.MT.77ОС015.

System is confirmed by Russian Ministry of Transport on December, 07, 2001 and registered in Gosstandart on December, 27th, 2001; certificate № РОССRU.0010.04УТ00.

Accreditation area of certification body includes certification of services in maintenance and repair of vehicles and passengers transportation by motor transport

To order the certification  covering letter and application documents should be directed to "SAMT-Fund"






Head of Motor transport certification body - Lyubov N. Silina


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Tel.: +7-495-916-23-42



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